Alan G offers the highest quality of diamonds and workmanship along with the lowest prices for custom designed jewelry.  All jewelries offered are hand designed by our professional designers and made to fit each client.  Our sales team is experienced and is updated with the current models and designs.  We get inspiration from Tiffany & Co, Harry Winston, Cartier and etc ... Please call us and let our designers design your next item for you.  Please fill out the form below so our designers can call you as soon as possible.
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The above information helps our buyer in processing your order faster, once you are in our office.  After submitting this form, our Diamond and Jewelry Expert will contact you to schedule an appointment in our office, at your earliest convenient time.  Alan G encourages you to make an informed decision on selling your valuables, with payments offered on the spot should you choose to sell. There is no minimum price or predetermined limit for selling diamonds or diamond jewelry.  There are no hidden fees or commissions charged to you.  Consultations to sell diamonds or diamond jewelry are always complimentary. Sell your diamond or diamond jewelry with confidence. Alan G is a locally owned business, serving US Markets for over 20 years. Have complete confidence when deciding to sell your diamonds and diamond jewelry to Alan G.  A premier watch, diamond, jewelry and gold buyer in the US market.
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606 South Olive Street
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